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If you're like me, your parents were very vocal about earning a good living to ensure financial security. Their advice at the time made sense. Today, it makes ZERO SENSE. Think back to the financial crisis of 2008. Were they calm, cool and collected when the hedge funds and banks were going bankrupt? Probably not. I wasn't either. I learned my lesson and that lesson is Bitcoin and Crypto Investing.

I have always worked from childhood through adulthood. I made all the right investing decisions – right according to the "experts". I felt confident that I would be able to retire one day off the modest gains I made in the market. I put my faith in the wrong people.

Then 2008 happened. I woke up to frantic phone calls and voicemails. I went to sleep with a nest egg and I woke up to it completely cracked. My family and friends were also impacted. Everything I was taught left me in dire straits. I swore I would rather put stacks of cash under my mattress than ever trust a financial guru again. 

There was one person I knew who made it out unscathed. He was a broker pal of mine who always seemed to be ahead of the marketplace. I thought he might be a shady character practicing insider trading so any advice he gave me I ignored. We went to lunch and he practically begged me to see the light. He shared his financial statements post-crash with me and his returns were ASTONISHING. This was too good to be true. Only it wasn't! It was the right approach all along!

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